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Monday, October 1, 2012

Unique Opportunity - Dominican Republic

Foundation of International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving pediatric and maternal health in developing countries. Their network of outpatient clinics and partnerships enable FIMR to assert a multidimensional strategy of services, extensive community outreach efforts and health education programs.
The program engages 700 individuals annually who volunteer their time abroad and make a contribution in exchange for the experience FIMRC provides. Over 90% of FIMRC's revenue is derived from their volunteer program. 
The program was founded in 2002, and is incorporated in Washington DC with its headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. The team includes over 3000 dedicated staff and volunteers worldwide who provide leadership and support necessary to achieve their mission of improving access to health care in under-served communities. 
Currently the program is establishing a project site in the Dominican Republic and has an amazing and unique opportunity for any nurses interested in community health. In the upcoming months, FIMRC will be conducting a meticulous community diagnostic and establishing the entire framework for the program. 

This opportunity is for nurses who may be interested in contributing to the overall health of a community in a way that is very "outside the clinic" states Meredith Mick, FIMRC CEO.
After visiting the website Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children, I found some very useful and FAQ's which may be helpful when determining if this project is something that is interesting to you. 
From the website, information can be obtained regarding housing, transportation costs and what FIMRC will provide. Mission trips with FIMRC generally are for longer periods which can be from one to three weeks and will accommodate longer-term placements if necessary. 

Also listed on the FAQ page was a 5 step process describing the steps necessary to initiate planing a medical trip:

1. Click the "Where We Work" tab to browse available locations.
2. Decide when you would like to travel. Spaces tend to fill up during peak seasons, so try and book 2 months in advance. 
3. Read all applicable sections of the Volunteer Program page.
4. Get in touch with the Officer of Volunteer Programs to discuss your options. Fill out the Inquiry Form and/or contact with the following details:
            Preferred volunteering location
            Preferred trip dates (please be specific)
            Length of Stay
5. Feel free to ask plenty of questions! And call if need by- 888-211-8575 Option 1.

Nurses who travel to their sites participate in the management of children with acute health issues as well as conduct well child visits and prenatal care. In addition to seeing the children in the clinics, health professionals can travel into the community to provide care as needed.  FIMRC relies on their volunteers to act as investigators and advise the foundation on areas for improvement, welcoming suggestions and comments when you return from your trip. 

We hope you find this information helpful and that there is a nurse out there who is willing to jump at this opportunity!  Remember we still have scholarships available to assist those who may need extra help with funding.