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Friday, October 26, 2012

Ever Ready ER Nurse

  October is the month of several things, its Breast Cancer Awareness, Lupus Awareness, National Fire Prevention week, Domestic Violence Awareness, Dwarfism Awareness, Rett Syndrome Awareness, Pregnancy Loss and Infant Loss Awareness, Emergency Nurses Week, Physician Assistants Week, Auto Battery Safety Month, Autism Awareness, and even National Squirrel Awareness Month. It’s frankly a very busy month.

What I would like to guide you into thought is a couple of things. First be aware of those listed today and throughout the month. Secondly, how do you support your awareness months? Do you take clothes or toys to your local women's shelter? 

Since October sparks thoughts of others during this month, I also want to reflect upon the inevitable. Halloween is the start of a several holidays. It is also the start of high school dances, college football games, family get-together and holiday parties. Because October is such a busy month – I would really like to invite you to think about those around you and prepare yourself, your family, and your friends for the up-coming winter months.

My thoughts traveled to these two separate topics, partly because of Hurricane Sandy and the destruction that the hurricane has already left in its path. But also because tomorrow One Nurse At A Time is participating in a benefit for "Care for Seattle's Homeless" at Seward Park's "Pumpkin Push" 5k and 2 mile walk. I should also mention that I tend to be sightly obsessive when it comes to emergency preparedness, sometimes my husband scoffs at me a bit when I tell him that I really really really want him to make sure he has his emergency kit in his truck, but I like to think of myself as the "Ever Ready ER Nurse". 

With that in mind, I know I put out an emergency preparedness info listing of things you should keep in your house, but I thought today it may be helpful to list some sights that may have those packs and items already for you to buy and place in your car, home or at work. Today, I thought I would review a couple of bags and gear that can be easily found online for you to purchase for your Emergency/Disaster Kit.

Of course the first item that would be apparent for emergency preparedness kits would be the American Red Cross First Aid / Emergency Kits, here is a great link to many differing types of kits you can buy for different parts of your day/life. Go here to check it out --> Red Cross Store

-     These kits are great, unless your home is destroyed – if so, there has been reports that when you wear a red/yellow “emergency” bag you are more visible to other people who are not prepared and they will most likely want to take your pack it is bright and easy to see that it is an emergency bag.

-     The other thing about this site is that they are selling each item separately. So if you want a 4 person emergency kit, you will have to buy several things to make it work. I didn’t work out the financial details to compare them to the rest, but it seemed like a little bit of a hassle if you are trying to find something for the whole family.

Next up is a store online called EDS Emergency Disaster Systems. These kits are similar to the kits/buckets that Costco was selling up in Washington this last year. Go here to check them out --> EDS Emergency Disaster Systems

-     These kits have enough food and water in them to last four people 72 hours. They have great “grab and go” designs for at work, or the “essentials” bag. Again, the bag is read and has the words “Emergency Kit” written on the outside. The bucket is not bad, it is white and the lettering is small enough that you could probably get away with ripping off the sticker and walking down the street. But if you have to carry it a long way it could be a pain. The larger bag has the works, even a tube tent, and 70 piece first aid kit.

Costco’s American Preparedness Emergency Backpack Kit. This one is pretty cool. It thinks of the down time and has a deck of cards and coloring books for the kids. Costco American Preparedness Emergency Backpack Kit

-     The weight on this pack is 30 lbs. and as any backpacker knows, that’s a lot of gear for little weight (no sleeping bags..etc). However, this is probably the most all around solid pack. It has a hygiene kit, food/water and other contents kit, and a first aid kit. Not bad for $140.00  Again this is designed to care for 4 people. So if you have a larger family, consider buying two.

So, I can’t leave out Amazon. I would have to say that Amazon has the mother of all disaster bags…the BUG OUT BAG or as the experts call it “BOB”. There are several good reviews on amazon of BOB gear and what to put into your pack. I think I have found the all mighty reviewer, because this person has tried, tested and swears by the materials in his bag. Here you go --> Amazon

-      I might leave out the crush-able hat, but that’s just me. Otherwise the bag, gear and stuff listed is great!

Well, I hope I have given you some food for thought at the end of this last month. It is going to be a doozy of a winter and I hope all of you take some time to reflect upon being prepared for everything. I also hope that I have opened your eyes to the different awareness ribbons and issues, so that you can take some time to give a little, share with others or just reflect. 

Cheers - ONAAT Crew