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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Race Day

The morning was dark, cold, and the clouds were heavy, not an unusual day in Seattle. I awoke with the sound of rain splattering against the roof and windows. Another wet Saturday, but today we were going to spend it walking/running at Seward Park.

Quickly, I sent text and email to the crew- "Is everyone still walking in the rain?" Immediately I got a text back from Christine "Rain or shine, I will be there." Upon reading that, I got a little sad, because  my bed was OOHHH so cozy...but then quickly dismissed it and thought, heck yeah, let's get out there and do this! :)

We all arrived at different times, as we were traveling from different parts of the Seattle area. I had my two kids in tow - both with snow suits on, 5 blanket piled on top of them and snug in the double stroller with snacks in hand.

The turnout was surprising, especially since it was raining sideways, windy and freezing cold...people were still joyful and dressed up in their fabulous Halloween costumes. Surprisingly there were tons of kids running and in costumes - that was an try and beat them across the finish line. ha ha!  I actually got smoked by a 12 year old just 0.1 to the finish line.
There were tons of ladybugs, Luigi's and Super Mario's, as well as super scary ghosts. Sue said the best was a family of hotdogs - the kids were the toppings, ketchup, mustard, and the like! It was great. Lots of dogs also turned out in their costumes, I tried to keep my running pace with a black lab dressed as a skunk, but I failed to run as fast.

In the end, we were soaking wet, red faced and happy to be out raising money for an excellent cause. We raised $265.00 towards Neighborcare health, a King County program to assist Seattle's most vulnerable homeless residents to get the health care they need. All of the proceeds from the Pumpkin Push went to support programs serving patients who are homeless at Neighborcare Health.

Thanks to everyone who participated and joined in! And thank you to our supporters who helped donate to the cause!

Till next year!

          ONAAT CREW