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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post Birthday/Election Catch up

Ok, so I've slacked a little this week, what can I say it was my birthday on Tuesday and I was celebrating! :)

There is a lot to catch you all up on, first I have several medical missions to tell you about that came through on our email a week or so ago. It looks like they have several trips planned for 2013, so check them out and let us know if you are going - we would like to hear about your experience and/or give you an opportunity to apply for a scholarship for financial assistance.

2013 The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) Mercy Medical Teams 

Service Opportunities as listed below:

1. Madagascar - March 14-24   Clinical Team
2. Haiti - June 7-16   Clinical Team
3. Kenya - July 11-21   Clinical Team
4. Madagascar - August 1-11   Clinical Team
5. Kyrgyzstan - September   Community Health Education Team
6. Peru - October  Community Health Education Team
7. Kenya - November 7-17   Clinical Team

LCMS Mercy Medical Teams are currently accepting applications for medical professionals and hard working non-medical professionals to provide voluntary service in a short-term, primary care, clinical setting. These traveling, temporary, off-site rural clinics will bring desperately needed healthcare to some of the most under-served rural areas around the glove.

LCMS is looking for dedicated medical professionals including physicians, NP's, PA's, RN's, pharmacists and hard-working laity.

Ground expenses are estimated at: $1250-$1500 (for all inclusive food, lodging, ground transportation, and additional clinical supplies and meds) plus airfare. (Don't have funding now? Contact us for a flexible payment options and fund development strategies and tools for raising support!)

If you have any questions about these trips, or other opportunities, visit: LCMS Mercy Teams or feel free to call:

Jacob Fiene
Manager, Health and Medical Projects
LCMS Mercy Medical Teams
800-248-1930 ext. 1278