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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Nursing Opportunities in Rwanda

The Rwanda Ministry of Health’s Human Resources for Health Program has several nursing openings for clinical nursing and midwifery faculty. The positions are available immediately and require at least a six month commitment.

Recruitment is also beginning for full time faculty for year 2, which begins August 1, 2013.

Faculty are employed by United States Universities, which means all applicants must be employable in the US. Nurses or midwives with experience across most specialty areas are encouraged to apply.

Here is a little more detailed information on the Rwanda HRH Program. The program represents a new model for health education and the delivery of foreign aid (as written on their website):

-       The project will create a new paradigm for cooperation between US academic institutions and academic institutions in Rwanda
-       Instead of small scale cooperative efforts between individual academic institutions involving exchanges of a few people, this will be a coordinated approach intended to upgrade medical and nursing professions in a comprehensive way according to national government plan.
-       US academic institutions will make a commitment that is unprecedented in global health. They will supply full-time medical, nursing, health management and dentistry faculty and collaborate with each other on all aspects of health professionals’ education.
-       The Government of Rwanda will contract with the US academic institutions. Responsibility, control and accountability will rest with the Rwanda Government.
-       After 8 years, the Rwanda Government is positioned to sustain the improved health workforce on its own without foreign aid.

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