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Friday, November 2, 2012

Barco's Nightingales Foundation

We recently and graciously were offered a $5000.00 donation from the amazing organization Barco's Nightingales Foundation. Their foundation was established in December of 2008 by Michael and Frida Donner on behalf of Barco Uniforms. Their donation to One Nurse At A Time is their way of saluting the countless numbers of nurse volunteers we send around the world, caring and helping for people of all cultures.

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation objective is to support the vitality and courageous heart of nursing, while also dedicating themselves to honoring the spirit of those women and men who choose nursing by focusing their philanthropic efforts on helping to mend the lives of children and their families.

Missions for Humanity
We have already had the grand opportunity of selecting our first Barco’s Nightingales Scholarship Recipient, Wendy Libowitz, who will be traveling with Missions for Humanity next year from July 5th to July 19th 2013. More details to come on her trip soon!

Barco’s Nightingales has asked if we would include information about a survey looking at the Image of Nursing. It is their goal to elevate the perception of the profession and to help people understand and appreciate all that go into being a nurse. The feedback provided from the survey will be essential in accomplishing their goal.

Barco’s Nightingales Foundation has completed an initial qualitative phase of the research for the project and the information received during the interviews has been invaluable in all efforts.

The next phase of their project is to validate and provide statistical data to support the qualitative feedback gathered thus far.   Their research partner, Bovitz, Inc., has crafted an online survey and the link is below.  They survey is approximately 15 minutes in length and all answers will be kept strictly confidential and used for research purposes only.  Please be objective and honest in your responses as the validity in the data they receive is very important.

Please click the link below to start the survey, or copy and paste the
URL into a new browser window.

Thank you Barco's Nighingales Foundation for your generous support. We appreciate all that you do!