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Monday, May 6, 2013

Nurses for Edna

Within just a few weeks last Fall, seven nurses, from different parts of the States, as well as Canada, reached out to One Nurse At A Time. Each had questions about women's healthcare volunteer work. All wanted to volunteer in the global arena. Sue Averill, President, One Nurse At A Time, met with those nurses who live in the Seattle area, and arranged a Google Hangout later to include the entire group.
Several of the nurses had read the Book, Half the Sky; some had seen the documentary by the same name. They were all inspired, particularly by the work being done by a nurse/midwife, Edna Adan in Hegesia, Somaliland. The idea of Nurses for Edna was born.
Located in the Horn of Africa, Somaliland is an unrecognized, self-declared state. Women of the country struggle to receive equal rights and healthcare services due to gender inequalities, weakened infrastructure, lack of education, poor literacy rates, and limited access. After learning about the issues women and girls face across the globe, Nurses for Edna is joining the movement to empower and uplift women and prove that you can make a difference.
Nurses for Edna hopes to build a lasting relationship, and empower the nurses of the Edna Adan Maternity Hospital, as well as create a pathway for future nurses to volunteer. Those participating in the first mission include Wanda Chestnut, Sarah David, Beth Langlais, Kimberly Law, and Nancy Harless, Playing a supporting role during the first medical mission are nurses Lynn Calkins, and Fiona Smith, who both plan to go on future missions.  
Edna has expressed the greatest need is teaching. Nurses for Edna will teach courses in Basic First Aid and General Physical Assessment, as well as share nursing practice and skills on the hospital floors while supervising student nurses.
“I’m hopeful that the success of Nurses for Edna will inspire other nurses to join with us, sharing their passion, skills and knowledge to benefit those most in need at home and around the globe,” said Sue Averill, President. “I do believe we can change the world, One Nurse At A Time.”

The August 2013 medical mission for Nurses for Edna is being supported through your donations which can be made via our website ; and, through the generous support of the Barcos Nightingale’s Foundation.
Barco’s Nightingales Foundation, operating as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was founded by Michael and Frida Donner on behalf of Barco Uniforms. The Foundation serves to advance the nursing profession and honor those women and men who devote their lives to serving others through nursing. The Foundation supports the vitality and courageous heart of nursing, while dedicating itself to honoring the spirit of those women and men who choose nursing by focusing its philanthropic efforts on helping to mend lives. For information, follow us on Facebook, contact Barco’s Nightingales Foundation headquarters at 310.719.2108 or email