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Sunday, May 12, 2013

NURSES for EDNA -- Kim Law

Kimberly Law graduated from University of Northern British Columbia in 2009 and began her nursing career at Penticton Regional Hospital in the areas of obstetrics and pediatrics. In the fall of 2012 she completed her Nursing Specialty in Perinatal Nursing through the British Columbia Institute of Technology, as well as certificates in Contraception Management and Sexually Transmitted Infections Management. These certificates allowed Kimberly to obtain certified practice in reproductive health. She utilizes the advanced practice in providing reproductive health care at the Kelowna Women’s Services Clinic as and Options for Sexual Health. She is currently in training for the Penticton Regional Hospital’s Sexual Assault Response Team. There seems to be a women’s health theme running through most everything I do, eh?” Kimberly noted.

She became an active volunteer while in nursing school. She took an active part in the Community Health Initiative by Northern University and College Students (CHINUCS), a student run organization that developed outreach programs for marginalized populations in Prince George. Kimberly also travelled with International Student Volunteers to Thailand, and worked in an animal rehabilitation and community education center.

 In 2012 Kimberly traveled to Liverpool, United Kingdom to obtain a professional certificate in Emergency Obstetrical Care and Newborn Care, as well as her Diploma in Tropical Nursing, taking a step towards her long standing goal of contributing to global healthcare.

When asked to speak about her upcoming medical mission, Nurses for Edna, in Somaliland Kimberly said, “I appreciate the support from both Barcos Nightingales Foundation and One Nurse At A Ttime. I see this first trip to Somaliland as one of personal growth. I want this project to be long term. I’m passionate about women’s health and global health. The way I see it, what we need to do first, is see what they are doing there and what they need done.  I believe you can’t do short term solutions for long term goals and I see this medical mission of Nurses for Edna to be a long term project,”

The first Nurses for Edna is being assisted by the generous support of Barcos Nightingale’s Foundation as well as many others.

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