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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fundraising, a battle

This spring my church talked about a difficult topic. The topic was money. HUSH!  Don’t talk about that!  It’s like a forbidden word- it’s never a fun topic at home, you usually don’t have enough, when you do have a little extra, you worry you may lose it, basically money although you think it is, it’s just not pleasant! 

The pastor who gave the sermon about money- gave an amazing sermon- she discussed the issues people have around it, why it is difficult to talk about it, and how to support each other and the church without breaking the bank. My in-laws who NEVER attend church (only did that day because our daughter was being baptized) walked out at the end of the service, in amazement. They were moved to discussion and that’s a big deal for this family, because money is simply NOT discussed.
This last ONAAT meeting we had last week, we talked about money…extensively. How do we get more of it!? Who do we need to talk to? Where do we go? What do we need to learn? Fundraising has never been a word I particularly enjoy. In my opinion, it is not FUN. I mean, really, who thinks it is fun asking people for money? I definitely do not.

Well our organization depends upon it- We depend upon donations from family, friends, grants, and sales from our gift shop. If we don’t have money, we are not able to help nurses, help our community, and help people!

You might ask how do we fundraise for One Nurse At A Time?

Here they are:

 Buy our logo items  - scrub tops, sweatshirts, hats, teddy bears…etc.
 Make a charitable donation
- Make us your charity you would like to donate to this winter
- Use iGive (totally easy and simple)
- Buy one of our books  “Womankind” or “Nurses beyond Borders” $10 plus shipping- email

These are our current methods. They make a dent and help us grow our organization. We can't thank all of you enough, with making this dent!
Thanks for your help. 

                                                                - ONAAT Crew