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Thursday, March 1, 2012

OR/Surgical and Post Op Nurses Needed

Cascade Medical Team is in need of OR/Surgical and PACU nurses for their June Trip to Solola, Guatemala.
Trip dates are June 16-27, 2012.
Please visit their website to download the application:

This all-volunteer team, whose participants pay their own expenses, was formed in 2002 as a means to improve the health of the Mayan people of the Guatemala highlands. The team has provided medical and dental care to more than 14,000 Guatemalan adults and children and performed more than 1000 surgeries. The team has also installed hundreds of simple energy efficient cooking stoves in Guatemalan homes, helping prevent burns and lung diseases. In 2009, the team began installing HELPS Gravity Water Filters, an inexpensive in-home purification system desperately needed in a country where most water sources are contaminated.