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Thursday, March 15, 2012

2 ONAAT Scholarship Nurses Leave for Haiti and Honduras this Saturday!

Beth Langlais, MN, RN is traveling to Haiti with the organization Christian Medical Dental Association March 17 - 25. 
"I will be working with a team of 20-30 medical professionals in a free medical clinic set up at a school for 6 days. We will be providing medical, dental, physical therapy, medications, etc. to the Haitian people. I am very excited and nervous about this trip. It is my first real medical mission as a licensed, experienced nurse. I did spend ten weeks living in Costa Rica during nursing school, providing medical care the the people there. It was the best experience of my life.  While getting my Master's degree, I have learned a lot about the injustice, suffering, and lack of adequate medical care globally. I have become very passionate about these issues and want to do everything I can to change them. I am especially interested in improving the health of women and infants because this is my clinical area here. I can't wait to go into the field and give all I can to the Haitian people."

Robin Phillips, RN is traveling with the organization Friends of Barnabas to Plena Blanca, Honduras March 17-25.  
"I have the privilege of joining a Mountain Medical Mission Team to Honduras sponsored by the Friends of Barnabas Foundation (FOBF). As a team we will travel to selected villages to provide care. The village is notified in advance of the date, time, and services that will be offered. Our team is comprised of nurses, nursing students, oral surgeon, translators, and non-medical volunteers. We will set up stations to provide preventative and primary care.  Stations include anti-parasite, vitamin A, general medical, eye, dental and prayer.  This is my first medical mission trip. I graduated from nursing school in 2009 and entered into my second career. My desire to become a trained healthcare professional was a response to a very specific calling. I have longed to serve in this field as a trained professional, providing expert and compassionate care. My expectation is to serve the people of Honduras in addition to my team with a loving and tender heart. I am grateful that I have been prepared for this moment."

The members of One Nurse At A Time would like to send thoughts and prayers their way for safe travels.  We look forward to sharing their stories when they return home!