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Monday, February 17, 2014

Join our movement to put more nurse into the world!

 So, you have always wanted to go on a medical mission?  

      Here's your chance!  Jo's Nurses are at it again. 

JP Denham, one of our 4 nurses from 2013 will be the mentor this trip.  

Location:  Ixcanaan Clinic in El Remate, Guatemala (fly into Flores)
Dates:  2 nurses arrive April 12 and depart April 19
            2 nurses arrive April 16 and depart April 23
(yes, there is an overlap of 2 days so the outgoing team can help orient the incoming team).
The teams will be working in the clinic, at local hospitals and in the community.

Goal of the trip is to support nurses to a successful first of many missions.  Join our movement to put more nurse into the world!


1.  Complete the online application under the Scholarship tab: (there is no application fee).  

2.  Have 2 references complete the online reference forms.

3.  Spanish language is highly recommended, but lack of language will not exclude a candidate.  

4.  Active RN license.

5.  Nurse will pay half of the flight from home city to Guatemala City.  One Nurse At A Time will pay half, round trip from Guatemala City to Flores, and all in country transportation, food and housing.  Gifts, incidentals and travel expenses outside the mission are the responsibility of the nurse.

6.  Nurse makes a moral commitment to do another volunteer trip (anywhere in the world) by the end of 2015.

7.  Nurse should prepare for 1-2 days of travel to and from.

8.  Journalling, sharing experiences with teammates and friends/family/coworkers/media at home, sharing pictures and trip report with One Nurse At A Time, participating in interviews as invited.

9.  Assist with fundraising or other means of support for the Jo's Nurses program.

Deadline to apply is February 28, 2014.