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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Global Outreach Mission

Global Outreach Mission (GOM) is another featured organization we would like to share with you. This organization has had over 70 years of ministry experience around the globe...and I mean they are around the globe!  I was amazed at how many countries they have working projects in!  GOM is dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Christ, and they are doing so in over 50 countries.

Currently they have an urgent request out listed on their website: "The Floods in Pakistan have devasted many. Please prayerfully consider helping!"  Donate to Help Pakistan  Other projects GOM is currently working on are: Clean Water Initiative - Sierra Leone, West Africa; Dental Clinic - Belize, South American; Leprosy Clinic - Congo, Africa; Prison Medical and Child outreach - Costa Rica.

Global Health Services Evangelism is the fundamental goal; and essential programs such as church growth, leadership training, camps and medical ministries are a catalyst for effective evangelism. GOM seeks to successfully build and maintain hospitals, smoothly handle short-term clinics in isolated villages, and provide medical professionals with unique opportunities to successfully introduce the love of Christ.

There is a medical need mission to Costa Rica listed on the website that sounds interesting. The trip is to Orosi Valley, south of the capital city of San Jose. Medical teams will travel to areas with the central valley to hold medical clinics for those who have little or on access to proper medical care. There are several opportunities for all- physicians, nurses, paramedics, physical therapists, dentists and physician's assistants.  There is a children's ministry that can be held in conjunction with the medical clinics and opportunities also exist in a local orphanage or at the retreat center.

If you are interested in learning more or contacting a mission specialist please go HERE

Hope you take some time to learn more about this wonderful organization. Thanks for all that you do!