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Friday, April 26, 2013

Ways to Help

It has been a long hard winter and spring is not really looking completely as positive and bright as I thought it would. These days horrific and devastating events are occurring at a higher rate...doesn't it seem like that is true?
I don't have hard facts to back me up with this opinion, and maybe since I am in tune with the news more than I ever have been as an adult - it just seems more apparent. The other factor may be that every time I go to a trauma conference we talk about disaster preparedness and training and THAT makes me always feel unprepared and vulnerable.
I was reading some news releases about West, Texas and the shock, fear, and sadness that has resulted from that explosion. Many people say that if you were standing outside watching the fire you would probably be dead - mainly because of the concussive  blast that occurred. All pets that were outside are dead, windows are all broken - shattered into pieces and/or stuck into walls. All doors of houses were blasted open, including shelf doors and cupboards. The pictures are horrendous. The story is unbelievable. The questions are the same - Who? Why? How?
Then to the earlier part of the week - The Boston Marathon - again, this seems insane? Right? I spent the better half of the day reading about the older brother's life history, his marriage, his wife and their toddler daughter. I've seen the amazing pictures, the graphic and truly shocking pictures and have wondered - has the World become battle field? If it is not a terrorist bombing, it is an earthquake, plant explosion, building cracks and crumbled in India, Tsunami's, radiation poisoning, drought, the list goes on!
All of us need to be prepared to take care of ourselves, as well as be prepared to help others. Whether that means signing up for the next CPR course or signing yourself up as an American Red Cross Volunteer. Everyone has to be able to care and help out each other.

Here are some ways in West, Texas that you can help if interested:
1.  Sign up with the Red Cross in Texas - at Dallas American Red Cross
2.  Donate Blood - Blood Center of Central TexasGulf Coast Regional Blood CenterLifeShare Blood Center, Louisiana
3. This was an easy way to find a non-health volunteer opportunity in Texas - Volunteer Match - Texas

Now, if Boston is more in your neck of the woods I have checked out a couple of opportunities here as well.
1.  Sign up with the Red Cross in Boston at - Boston American Red Cross
2.  Donate Blood at Mass General - Mass General Blood Donation
3.  And again, another easy way for a non-health volunteer to find ways to help in Boston - Volunteer in Boston

Please extend a hand, donate some blood, take that CPR course you have always wanted to take, and just do something for you, your friends, your family and your loved ones.

Good luck,