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Saturday, March 16, 2013


We had another successful ONAAT Meeting this morning...discussed our objectives and goals for the year, our fundraising plans and ideas for building and growing One Nurse At A Time. We met in Fremont at Hale's Brewery and had a fantastic lunch, great conversation and meeting! 

Some of the highlights we would like to share with you:

1. Fundraising -
This continues to be a constant concern. We want to help nurses everywhere, but we need to have the funds to help! We would love to have any ideas, thoughts or a person who may be passionate about fundraising talk with Sue about helping us meet our goals for One Nurse At  A Time. Some ideas we tossed about were text to donate, volunteering at local marathons (getting name out there), talking with larger corporations about donation and support, as well as thinking about Christmas! What! Yes, Christmas...hopefully we can connect with a great organization or club out there that may be looking for a charity to donate to during the holidays. 
2. Edna hospital Nurses -
We talked a lot about these four passionate nurses who are very interested in humanitarian work in Somaliland. A formal financial request was sent in by these nurses seeking financial assistance with their project to One Nurse At A Time. Here is a great link to learn more about Edna Adan University Hospital. Our goals are in line with getting resources and financial help out to these women who will be doing amazing and hard work in Somaliland. If you know someone who may be interested in helping, please email Sue!
3. Past ONAAT Scholarship Nurses -
This probably means you! =) We would really like to build up our community and our network of nurses and nurse volunteers. This means we need to hear from you. Sue will be working hard these next few weeks to months by reaching out to all of you for networking, giving you an update of where we are, and any financial assistance you can muster. =)
4. April Conferences
Sue is totally excited to go to this next month's conference! The conference is through the University of Phoenix Omicron Delta Chapter in Savannah Georgia, April 27th. If you are interested please click here Omicron Delta Educational Conference. The conference is based on International Nursing: Making a Difference One Nurse At A Time! Sue will be speaking at the conference and is so excited to talk about International Nursing!  Please register to attend!
5. Nursing Retention Research -
As a nurse, I can see the young newbies coming straight out of nursing school excited and thrilled to be out on their own caring for patients and making a difference in people's lives. As a nurse, I can also see nurses struggling with expectations, feeling like they are not making a positive change, overwhelming feelings, poor self-care and then sadly leaving the profession all together because none of these things are met. So, we hope to reach out to one of our recent scholarship recipients (you know who you are =) ) and work towards getting this information tied in closely to the satisfaction, sense of well-being, love for nursing, gratitude, and overall joy that humanitarian nursing brings to nurses all over the world!!

Whew!  It might not seem like it was a long meeting, but we all laughed, shared, pulled out great ideas from each other, and rejuvenated our own goals for One Nurse At A Time! Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you all put into our organization gals!!  

All smiles!