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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Excellent article- "Medical Missions - Nursing for a Cause"

Last month Sue was featured on the web based site "Health Callings, Jobs that Matter". Linda Childers wrote up a quick little article about Sue's first start into the medical mission world and why she and Stacie started One Nurse At A Time. 

Some of the best lines out of the interview are from Sue's version of how volunteering adds to your on:

“Serving on a medical mission will make you a more well-rounded nurse,” Averill says. “You care for many patients who have never received formal medical care and may have walked for days to receive treatment. They are all so grateful for the services provided to them."

“Serving on a medical mission offers nurses a life-changing and career-changing experience,” Averill says. “You’re working in an environment where you have to problem solve and think quickly on your feet.”

Today Sue is off in Guatemala with our first Jo's Nurses Mission. These nurses are taking full advantage of Sue's medical knowledge as a 20+ year nurse and as an experienced volunteer nurse. When they return, we hope to share their experiences with you. 

Best lines from the article by far:

Once nurses serve on a medical mission, Averill says they are typically hooked.

“I think we often forget how much teaching we do in our daily nursing jobs and how much we truly have to share with others,” she says. “On a medical mission, you are able to share your talents and skills with patients in need as well as with colleagues from all over the world. You not only change the lives of many patients and their families; you will be changed as well.”
If you would like to read the full article- please click HERE
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