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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kids...and more

Babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers, make me cry, tired, sleepy, anxious, and wish to the high heavens that I had their energy. This week I was struck by a news story that sent me over the edge about three teenage boys hiking/climbing in the Cascades. 
I was traveling to work early Monday morning when I overheard NPR tell a story about these three teenage kids that were hiking/climbing in the Cascades and how two of the three boys fell off a steep cliff to their deaths. The third boy ran 5 miles down the trail to find help. 

This image was really vivid in my mind and I found myself immediately crying! Big giant crocodile tears were streaming down my face. After about 30 seconds and mascara all over the place, I thought: "jeesh girl, you better get it together you have a lecture in an hour and you don't need to look like a mess!" 

Somehow I pulled it together, continued to drive to work and proceed with my lecture. At the lunch break, I was speaking to my good friend about my early morning experience and surprisingly she shared with me her nightmares she has had about her little darling grandchild. Tears welled up her eyes as though the dreams were truths. 

For the rest of the week I pondered over these experiences, my experience and listening to my friend as she let her worries and fears escape out of her mouth and onto my ears. 

So, what on God's green earth did I decide to tell you these stories? Well, here's the reason. Have any of you ever watched the documentary that came out last year called Babies?  Here's the website and trailer: Babies Its an amazing film that follows four babies in different parts of the world. Its funny, scary and sad. But the real point to it all, I think is that in one way or another we all survive, whether our destiny is to live until we are 18 or 89. How we get there is our own journey, and it can be weird, good, and bad. 

Well, how does this tie into One Nurse At A Time? It sort of does and sort of doesn't. How it tied in for me is by recognizing that my own children and worries are very small and that someone somewhere else in this world has worries that far supersede my anxieties. 

What I can tell you is that if you feel passionate about children, helping, fixing, teaching and giving the best that you possibly can, then I would suggest you give it a try and do it outside of your cozy little home. Maybe, just maybe I am talking really to myself and telling myself to go out and care for some of these children that desperately need my help. 

Whatever this strange message is, I hope somehow it helps you in finding what your happiness, anxieties and wonders were this week. Heck, the week isn't even over yet!

Just for fun, I searched for pediatric needs on the website. Up popped Double H Ranch looks like maybe this is where I might try and spend a week this next summer. What about you?

--- ONAAT Crew