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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Nurses Day!

“Nursing is much more than just holding someone's hand. 
It is mathematics, no less than construction. 
It is science, no less than a chemist. 
It is task management, no less than a CEO. 
It is research, no less than a detective. 
It is hard work, no less than manual labor. 
It is giving, caring and guidance, no less than any advisor. 
It is multi-tasking, no less than a foreman. 
It is nurturing strengths and working with the weaknesses, no less than a chaplain. It is helping others be all they can be, just like the ad for the Army. 
It is accepting that women have strengths, as well as nurturing skills. 
It is accepting that men have compassion, as well as caring skills.”
Verbatim comment from “Men in Nursing” Survey (2004)

Happy Nurses Day and Week from One Nurse At A Time!