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Thursday, September 8, 2011

An Amazing Young Nurse

ONE NURSE AT A TIME is proud to announce our Thirteenth scholarship for 2011! Ginger Hart has only been a nurse for one year, but has already completed three medical missions since graduation and will return to Port au Prince, Haiti this Fall to work with Project Medishare for Haiti. 

Ginger always knew from the time she was a child that she wanted to help those who were less fortunate than herself.  In 2007 she, along with 20 other nursing students, boarded a plane set for Shanghai , China. They spent the summer learning about traditional Chinese medicine as well as providing immunizations and basic care for the orphans of Shanghai.
After the earthquake that ravaged Port-au-Prince, Haiti in February 2010 Ginger immediately began preparing for a way she could help. After graduating nursing school on a Saturday she boarded a plane bound for Haiti on Sunday.  She worked in the operating room in a makeshift tent hospital working with a non profit organization called Project Medishare for Haiti. It is supported and ran by the University of Miami hospital. She has made 3 different trips to Haiti since May 2010 and with her scholarship provided by One Nurse at A Time she will be able to make her 4th trip this October.
"I am beyond excited to be going back to Haiti. It is my home away from home,” says Ginger.  She will work in the operating room with other volunteer doctors and nurses providing trauma and emergent surgeries around the clock. Project Medishare’s hospital, Bernard Mevs in the only ICU hospital on the entire island. It has 3 med/surg wards, 1 specific for spinal cord injuries. 1 pediatric ward with the only NICU and PICU, a 2 bed ER, a 1 bed triage, a 4 bed ICU with 2 ventilators, a 2 bed OR with a 4 bed PACU.
Ginger would like to extend her appreciation to ONAAT for the help they have provided her.  We at One Nurse At A Time say to Ginger....BRAVO!  We hold you in awe.  Each time you go out into the world you do , indeed, make it a better place.