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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Day in the Life of Terese

The day marked my fourth month in Belize. My husband, Norm, and I had spent weeks and shed buckets of sweat turning a dirty, dilapidated corner of a building into a medical clinic for women. Since then, day after day, for long hours I attended to patients while geckos climbed the walls and termites built fresh trails on the ceiling over my exam table.
Though I was a nurse, my duties had expanded beyond providing basic health care. I also disposed of the occasional dead rat on the path to the clinic, swept mounds of dead bugs from the floor, and waged daily war against mosquitoes big enough to ride. Once I even armed myself with a machete and battled an opossum that wanted to make my clinic his home. But on the day that marked my fourth month in this tropical country, I was taking a much-needed break from work. For one day, at least, I would be Nancy- the- Photographer and not Nancy- the- Nurse.....

By Nancy Leigh Harless BSN, WCHNP and Director Communications for One Nurse At A Time. Read the entire story at