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Sunday, June 19, 2011


In Israel, a young nurse arrives seeking fun, romance, and danger-and leaves with the knowledge that we must care for our enemies as well as our friends.   Struggling to save a once-healthy child, a veteran nurse working in Liberia fights language barriers and a lack of supplies.   As she assists in an emergency C-section in the jungles of Guatemala, a nurse witnesses both unbearable pain and true joy, all in the space of 24 hours.   A nurse suffering from her own losses creates order from chaos in a crowded Chinese orphanage-and learns about fate, faith, and hope.   Every year, thousands of nurses travel abroad, hoping to ease suffering, save lives, and make a difference in countries other than their own. Each one has a story to tell.   Award-winning author and travel nurse Nancy Leigh Harless shares a fascinating collection of true stories from dedicated nurses. In this inspiring anthology, they share their experiences working in Honduras, Laos, Chad, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Mexico, Cambodia, and beyond, where the languages, procedures, equipment, and even the doctors may be incredibly different from their home countries-but where the ultimate goal of providing excellent care and utmost compassion remains the same.

A limited number of print copies of this book are available through ONE NURSE AT A TIME.  $15/copy plus shipping. Email suen@onenurseatatime to place your order today!  All proceeds go toward scholarships for nurses who volunteer abroad.  One nurse at a time you can help us change the world!